Hunger Banquet

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A Hunger Banquet* encourages a deeper understanding of world food distribution and poverty.

The Hunger Banquet provides answers to questions such as:

  • Who are the world’s hungry?
  • Why are people hungry?
  •  Is Christian action important?
  •  What does the Bible say about the poor and the hungry?

This interactive teaching demonstration creates awareness of poverty and food distribution. A meal is provided during which everyone eats in proportion to the way food is distributed throughout the world. By experiencing world conditions, participants gain a better understanding of the disparity of food and wealth distribution. When coupled with biblical teaching, participants also learn God’s heart for the poor and the responsibility of Christians to the poor.

By hosting a Hunger Banquet, you’re not just bringing awareness to the issue of global
hunger—you’re providing a realistic action step and a challenge to solve the problem!

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